We look forward to welcoming you to our parish. Below you will find a few resources that will be helpful if you wish to learn more about our Faith before your visit.


Introducing the Orthodox Worship space

Join Frederica Mathewes-Green, in this video series, on a journey into the Eastern Orthodox Church. Learn about Orthodox teachings and dogma, Orthodox architecture and terminology, and what it means to live an Orthodox life. In this first video, Frederica introduces the basics of of the Orthodox worship space—the altar, the iconostasis, and iconography—in order to help orient those who have never been in, or are confused by, the parts of an Orthodox Church.Orthodox architecture is quite specific, but there is also room for variation. Theoria.tv



What is Salvation, according to the Orthodox?

An important, though often misunderstood, aspect of Orthodoxy theology is the process of Theosis. What are Christians supposed to do after they “become Christians” or “enter the Church”? Can we actually become partakers of the Divine Nature (2 Peter 1:4)? Frederica Mathewes-Green explains. Theoria.tv


I'm not orthodox, should I partake of communion?

Christians of other traditions are often hurt to find out that, if they approach the chalice for Holy Communion, the Orthodox priest will not commune them. This practice, of only communing members of the church, is called “Closed Communion.” Why do Orthodox Christians practice closed communion? Are Orthodox Christians being divisive by refusing to commune members of other traditions? Frederica explains, as best she can, in this video. Theoria.tv